Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece is the measure of Western Civilization. Although they borrowed greatly from Eastern and Egyptian culture, the Greeks invited philosophy and democracy: the novel perception that mankind could rule themselves (from the word ‘demos’ > people). They developed literature, science, and made huge strides in art. 

The Greeks closely studied anatomy and the human body, particularly the male body. Man was the measure of all things. Although their depictions of the body was not abstracted, it was idealized; bodies were the compilation of perfect human parts. They stressed a balance between intellect and physicality: to have a sound mind, you must have a sound body, and vice versa.

The Ancient Greek brand of democracy wasn’t exactly like modern democracy. The only people who voted were land owning male citizens, the dominate upper class. 

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during my first ever survey of western art class, my professor explained the difference between historians and art historians. historians, she said, were interested in old things. art historians, on the other hand, were interested in old things of quality. you don't hang garbage up on the walls of a museum; it has to be substantial and it has to mean something. so here you go; old things, made mostly by dudes long dead, of debatable degrees of quality but always with a constant level of importance. think of this as a deck of flash cards... sans the whole cards part.